Technical Program


Plenary Session

Kaushik Roy    Purdue University, USA

“Developing CAD Techniques for TFTs from ICCAD Experience”

Jin Jang        Kyunghee University,  Korea   

Oxide TFT and Circuits for Transparent Electronics”

Weiping Liu    Huada Empyrean Software Co. Ltd., China 

“ Current Industry Status and Development Trends of EDA Tools for TFT Displays”

Arokia Nathan           University of Cambridge, UK         

“Fast Simulation and Parameter Extraction Tools for Oxide TFTs”

Slobodan Mijalkovic      Silvaco Corp., UK                  

“Physics-Based Compact Modeling Solutions for Amorphous Metal-Oxide Semiconductor TFTs”

Yunqi Liu               Institute of Chemistry, CAS, China     

“High Performance and Multi-functional OTFTs”


CAD Session 1: Design Automation (Nanjing Hall)


Jordi Carrabina Bordoll  Univ Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

"EDA Tools & Design Kits for Building Complex Organic Circuits"


Tse Nga Ng  Palo Alto Research Center, USA

“Inkjet Design Rules for Printing Organic Complementary Circuits”


Jiaqing Zhao  Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

“Analytical Yield Model for Unipolar for TFT Logic Circuits and Verification with Monte Carlo Simulations”


Manuel Llamas   Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

“A Novel Design Flow for Application Specific Printed Electronics Circuits”


Sheng-Chin Hung   National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

“Circuit Simulation-Based Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Design Optimization”

CAD Se​ssion 2: Circuit Design (1) (Nanjing Hall)


Shengdong Zhang  Peking University, China

“Design of Low Power and Highly Reliable TFT Gate Driver on Array”


Byong-Deok Choi  Hanyang University, Korea

"Design of Thin-Film-Transistor Gate Driver Circuits: Decoder vs. Shift Register"


Guan-Ming Li  South China University of Technology, China 

“Low Power Gate Driver Integrated by IZO-TFTs Using DC-type Output Module”


Kun Cao   BOE Technology Group Co.,Ltd, China

“Study on Integrated Gate Drive Circuit Employing IGZO TFTs”


Chien-Hsueh Chiang, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

“Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Low-Noise and High Reliability Amorphous Silicon Gate Driver Circuit”

CAD Sessio​n 3: Device Modeling (1) (Nanjing Hall)


Ling Li  Institute of Microelectronics, CAS, China

"Compact Models for Organic Thin Film Transistors"


Antonio Valletta   CNR, Italy

“Characterization and Modeling of Organic Thin Film Transistors”


M. A. Sankhare   IM2NP, France

“Full-printed OTFT Modeling and Impact of Process Dispersion”


Nianduan Lu Institute of Microelectronics, CAS, China

“Physical Model of Thermopower in Organic Thin-film Transistor”

CAD Session 4: Device Modeling (2) (Nanjing Hall)


Dae Hwan Kim    Kookmin University, Korea

“Subgap Density-of-States (DOS)-based Simulation for Instability-Aware Design of Oxide TFTs”


Makoto Watanabe  Japan Display Inc., Japan 

“Dynamic Behavioral Modelling of LTPS TFTs and Liquid Crystal Cells for FPD devices” 


Sungsik Lee       University of Cambridge, UK

“Physically-based Modeling and Parameter Extraction of Oxide TFTs” 


Jingwen Yin  BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd., China

“Oxide TFT Model Incorporating Hysteresis and Stress Effects”


Siwei Xu  Soochow University, China

“Study of Instability of a-IGZO TFTs under Negative Bias Temperature Stress”

CAD Session 5: Circuit Design (2) (Nanjing Hall)


Tung Huei Ke     IMEC, Belgium

"Design and Realization of Thin Film Complementary Circuits"


Dongming Sun    Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China

"Design, Fabrication and Performance Evaluation on Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors and Integrated Circuits based on Random Networks"


Radu A. Sporea  University of Surrey, UK

“High-resilience Logic based on Poly-Si Source-Gated Transistors”


Wenjiang Liu  Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

“An AMOLED Driving Scheme with Ultra Low Supply Voltage”


Li Qiang Zhu  Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, CAS

“Short-Term Synaptic Plasticity and Synaptic Network Mimicked on Oxide Electric Double Layer Thin-Film Transistors Arrays”

CAD session 6:

Device Simulation & Characterization (Nanjing Hall)


Tao Sun     Silvaco, Singapore

“Study of Device Physics for Various TFT Technologies by TCAD”


Mingxiang Wang   Soochow University, China

“Charge Pumping Characterization of Polycrystalline Si TFTs and Its Geometric Current Elimination”


Wei Wang  Institute of Microelectronics, CAS, China

“Simulation of Microscopic Hopping Transport in Organic Thin Film Transistors”


Pengfei Yu   Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

“Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Solution Processed Low Voltage OTFTs”


Luting Wang   Sun Yat-sen University, China

“A Numerical Study of an Amorphous Silicon Dual-Gate Photo Thin-Film Transistor for Low-Dose X-ray Imaging”

TFT Technology & Applications

Technology Session 1: Silicon TFTs (Hall 309)


Xiaoyu Gao   Kunshan New FPD Technology Center Co., Ltd.

“LTPS TFT Backplane Technology for Flexible Displays”


Hang Zhang  Semilab Co. Ltd.

“Spectrum Ellipsometry for Thin-Film Characterization in Advanced TFT Technologies”


Juan Li  Nankai University, China

“H Plasma Assisted solid phase crystallization of Poly Sillicon”


Dongli Zhang   Soochow Univ., China

“Effect of Gate Oxide Layer on Metal-Induced Lateral Crystallized Polycrystalline Silicon TFTs”


X. M. Chen  Sun Yat-Sen University, China

“Fabrication of Amorphous Thin Film Transistors with High Breakdown Voltage for Field Emitter Array Application”

Tech​nology Session 2: Oxide TFTs (1) (Hall 309)


Hai Lu    Nanjing University, China

“Towards High Performance a-IGZO Thin Film Transistors and Circuits”


Linfeng Lan    South China University of Technology, China

“Progress on High-Mobility and High-Stability Oxide TFTs”


Xu Gao    Soochow University, China

“Probing the Effects of Self-formed Copper Oxide Contact Interlayer in Oxide Thin Film Transistors”


Yu-Guang Chen    Sun Yat-Sen University, China

“Effects of Si-H Bonding Intensity in Gate Insulator to Performance of a-IGZO Thin Film Transistor”


Honglong Ning  South China University of Technology, China   

“Correlation between Cu Source/Drain Contact and Performance of a-IGZO TFT”

Technology Se​ssion 3: Oxide TFTs (2) (Hall 309)


Lei Wang  Guangzhou New Vision Optoelectronic Tech. Co. Ltd.

“Flexible Oxide TFTs for AMOLED Display Applications”


Zhongfei Zou   Infovision Optoelectronics, China

“Development 5 inch FHD Narrow Border Panel using Oxide TFT”


Zheng Chen  Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, CAS

“Low Temperature Solution Processed Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide Thin Film Transistors”


Yana Gao   Shanghai University, China

“Solution-Processed Zirconium Oxide Gate Insulators for Top Gate and Low Operating Voltage Thin Film Transistor”

Technology Sessi​on 4: Organic TFTs (Hall 309)


Jiansheng Jie  Soochow University, China

“High-yield Transfer Printing Method for Large-scale Fabrication of Organic Single-crystal Devices on Arbitrary Substrates”


Jinhua Li  Hubei University, China

“The Applications of High-k Relaxor Ferroelectric Polymer in Low Voltage Organic Thin Film Transistors”


Longzhen Qiu  Hefei University of Technology, China

“Self-Organization of Inkjet-Printed Semiconductor Films for Organic Transistors”


Linrun Feng  Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

“Printable Low Voltage Organic Transistors and Circuits”


Xianyi Shao  Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

“High Current Polymer Transistors for Driving Inorganic Light Emitting Diodes”

Technology Session ​5: New TFT Applications (Hall 309)


Feng Yan   Hong Kong Polytechnic University

“Solution-Gate Thin Film Transistors for Biosensors”


Qing Wan   Nanjing University, China

“Oxide-based Electric-Double-Layer Thin-Film Transistors for Synaptic Electronics”


Lin Han   Yale University, USA

“ A New SiO2-silicone Hybrid for TFT-based Flexible Electronics”


Ning Liu  Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, CAS

“Low-voltage Solution-processed Chitosan-Gated Flexible Oxide-based Electric-double-layer Transistor for Hydrogen Ion Detection”


Hai Ou   Sun Yat-Sen University, China

“Fabrication and Characterization of a Thick-Layered Etched-Contact Amorphous Silicon Dual-Gate Photo TFT for Low-Dose X-ray Imaging”

Technology Session 6: New TFT Technologies (Hall 309)


Lei Liao  Wuhan University, China

“Amorphous Metal Oxide/1D Nanomaterials Hybrid Thin-Film Transistors: A New Avenue to High Speed Macroelectronics”


Hongtao Cao  Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, CAS

“Conduction Conversion from p- to Ambipolar-type SnO Thin Film Transistors caused by the Hole Collector at the Back Channel Interface”


Zheyuan Chen    Peking University, China

“P-Type CuO Thin Film Transistor by DC Reactive Sputtering of Copper”


Yang Hui Liu   Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, CAS

“Flexible Oxide TFTs Gated by Sodium Alginate Film on Paper Substrates”


Peng Xiao      South China University of Technology, China

“High Performance IGZO TFTs by Employing Phenyltrieth Oxysilane SAMs”







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