Call for Papers

Call for Papers

7th International Conference on

Computer Aided Design for Thin-Film Transistor Technologies (CAD-TFT)

Beijing, China

October 26-28, 2016

In recent years, the popularity of active matrix flat-panel displays and bio-medical imagers in commercial electronic products has drawn a significant attention to thin-film transistor (TFT) technologies. In addition to TFTs in amorphous- and polycrystalline-silicon, newly emerging organic, transparent metal oxide and nano-composite semiconductor TFT technologies are becoming increasingly common. Solution/printing based TFT technologies are also attracting great attention from both academia and industry.  

These new technologies were urged to meet the growing demands for displays of better quality, lower cost and greener manufacturing, and being thin and flexible. Moreover, the applications of TFTs have been extended from the pixel switching, to more complex electronic functions for signal communication, processing and data storage on glass, plastic or fabrics substrates, which will enable a low-cost and flexible design solution to usher the age of pervasive electronics.

Therefore, development of computer aided design (CAD) techniques at all levels becomes more and more important for the TFT community to bridge the new material/device technologies and implementation of functional systems. CAD-TFT is the conference dedicated to CAD techniques on TFT technologies for displays, sensors and general large area, flexible and printed electronics. CAD-TFT 2016 follows CAD-TFT 2014 in Nanjing, and the previous meetings (International Workshop on Compact Thin-Film Transistor Modeling for Circuit Simulation) held in Cambridge, London, Tarragona, Cambridge and Grenoble. The conference will provide a platform for the TFT community to address the challenges and find innovative solutions for modelling of new technology TFTs, TFT circuit design and system integration. The areas of interest for contributors include, but are not limited to:

 Processes and physics of new technology TFTs (metal oxide, organic, nanomaterials)

 Simulation and characterization techniques for TFTs

 Characterization and modeling the impact of processes on the device performance

 Compact TFT device models for circuit simulation

 Model implementation and parameter extraction techniques

 Compact models for interconnects in active matrix flat panels

 TFT circuit design and analysis techniques

 TFT system integration for displays and other applications

Prospective authors should submit an one-page manuscript to using the given template. Authors of accepted papers will have the opportunity to revise their submissions according to reviewers' comments and submit final versions to be published in the Proceedings and on IEEE Xplore.

INITIAL SUBMISSION DEADLINE:                     15th July, 2016

NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE:                               30th July, 2016