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2016-12-20 - Part of presentations released to dowland!! (Click here)​
2016-9-27 - CAD-TFT 2016大幕开启:TFT技术已成为光电显示领域核心热点​ (Click here)​
2016-9-21 - Update on Preliminary Program (Click here)​
2016-9-19 - Updates of list of panelists for the Special Event  (Click here)
2016-8-22 -Preliminary Program is online (Click here)
2016-7-07 -Announcement of Special Event:Panel Discussion - “Opportunities and Challenges of Organic Thin-Film Transistors”  (Click here)


It's the first time that CAD-TFT international conference was held in China in 2014. The conference attracts more than 200 visitors and 40 speakers gathering in Nanjing, China. Also the IEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology (JDT) invites submissions of original full-length manuscripts of abstracts accepted for presentation at the CAD-TFT 2014 for publication in a special issue of the Journal of Display Technology.